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Beginning Again

Thought about cutting out of here and starting a new blog elsewhere… but it took me years to manage these 22 posts, and that seemed like such a loss.

A number of things driving this return to blogging first and foremost being the simple need to write. Not sure yet what all I will be putting here for the world to see, but I will be putting it here.

Currently I am teaching only on a supply basis, so I will not have classes of kids rolling through edublogs, but I am still in the classroom regularly. My interests have not changed much in the time since I have started here – I will still be writing about education, technology and basketball… an I have just enrolled in some accounting classes at the University of Athabasca, so I will likely be thinking out loud about that here too.

Merry Christmas Interwebs!


Just had a conversation with a student that made my, well, year probably. Nothing spectacular, just human.

Monday is going to be better because of it.


Gotta love Basketball BC‘s “Coaches Clipboard.” I generally read the Steve Nash ball stuff – youth league & fundamentas. But tonight I noticed the Steve Nash interview on Charlie Rose, and an article on his workouts

Definitely worth the time.


And I’ll try to stay here some.

I’m barely haunting my usual places (Brainstorms, Biorealis, edublogs) and spending almost all my online time in email (with feeds from infocult and the yahoo group “coachinghoops”) I thought it was time to come back here and let the world outside my home town know I still exist.

So I will try to keep up with my current reading here and drop notes on the basketball season as I can.

Hope y’all are having a wonderful Christmas break, and that the New Year exceeds all your expectations and dreams.


posted here to use as an exemplar for my kids later:

Video: Islay House Square in Sketchup
Done by 12 year olds using Google Sketchup.


Just wanted to drop a note here as well to let James and all the folks at edublogs that I appreciate the work they have put in lately. I’ve been involved in projects that go south a couple of times and result in 24/7 work under pressure. Not fun, and not the easiest environment when everyone is looking over your shoulder (virtually or otherwise) complaining. Any of you guys in Northern Alberta on holidays sometime let me know – I owe you one.

This of course leads into my real thought for the evening – I am astounded at how much I rely on being connected and how I expect the world to work on my schedule. I hadn’t posted here for nearly a month, but passed the url around to my basketball team as one way to keep in touch with me over the summer. So I came to add a post, greeting them.

And I couldn’t get in. It was almost like the sun didn’t rise. This is not something I pay for, not something I have any real right to expect… but boy do I expect it.

So, in exchange for this wonderful medium being provided to me, I promise to use it more effectively and present the idea to my colleagues and students more vehemently. I will do my absolute best to add value to the experience here.

Next year maybe I’ll do the same at wikipedia.

Summer Holidays!

Last week of school: kids are struggling through exams and we are trying to compress an entire years worth of work and learning into a single percentage and three sentences of comments. Of all the things technology has improved in my life, report card comments are not one of them.

Basketball is shaping up for next year. I’ve been booking tournaments and brainstorming fund raising ideas. Busing is up to $1.00 a kilometer, so the season is looking expensive. For those of you dropping in here from the planning booklet I sent around, have a look at this offense and tell me what you think (Thanks to the guys at Coaches Clipboard for a wonderful site!).


Way to busy to give this the time it deserves right now, and I know that all you bloggers out there know what that is like and make it through anyway.

Currently my life is revolving around finishing the school year, the schools yearbook, and setting up an entire basketball program from the youth of the town. And in the back of my head planning for next years basketball season. I’ve set all this technology geekery aside for a while.

I promise I will return to it soon, and if nothing else continue to relate my basketball fun here. For today though, I wanted to give my first impressions of Facebook.

I’ve been watching this from the outside for a number of years now (just checked, first mention in Brainstorms was August 2005 – I’d have seen that at least), and have yet to be convinced of the educational value of social networking sites like this and MySpace. My little sister and her hubby were up on the weekend and both checking their facebooks regularly. Tuesday evening one of my co-workers IMs me to sign up so I can see her holiday pictures.

So I join, and have now spent maybe three hours there…

I still see little if any educational use. But I ran into Jessica Spanton (and will therefore run down Kendra and and their Mom) which makes Facebook if not useful, at least wonderful.

I am somewhat entertained by my own reluctance to “friend” people I know who are, lets be honest, my sister’s friends. We’ll see how that plays out over time.

More maps

Was wandering the internet creating a scavenger hunt to challenge my kids re/search skills, and came across this website.

From IUCN, The World Conservation Union, it is an atlas of watersheds. Again there are both online and .pdf versions of the maps. And a wonderful selection of information about each of the watersheds involved…area, landcover and uses, cities, dams, fish species, and river fragmentation to name a few.

Another interesting resource, with lots of involving information for the classroom walls of the world.

Folding a PS3

Just read a post about the PS3′s next software update – which will apparently have Folding@home, Stanford’s distributed computing protein folding software included.

Distributed computing is such a wonderful application of processor power.